We manufacture custom-fit, removable, reusable blanket insulation

Shannon Global Energy Solutions (formerly Shannon Enterprises of W.N.Y. Inc.) and its Hungary-based sister company Shannon INSULTECH® engineer and manufacture products such as blanket insulation, insulation jackets and insulation covers in the United States and Europe for customers around the globe. For over 30 years, Shannon has developed insulation solutions for energy conservation, thermal efficiency, noise reduction and safety. Using a CAD-CNC-ERP approach in design and manufacturing, Shannon is the worldwide market leader in engineering insulation solutions for treating machinery, process piping and more for thermal and acoustic performance.

Shannon provides solutions for steam, HVAC, safety, noise control and chemical washdown for markets  including: petro-chemical, process, manufacturing, food processing, power utilities, power generation, institutional, commercial, oil & gas, plastics, gas transmission & OEM. Shannon’s customers are located in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America.

Shannon manufactures the INSULTECH® brand of insulation products with ownership rights to the trade name INSULTECH®.

Shannon’s manufacturing process is CAD-, CNC-, and ERP-driven and endorsed by OEMs. The heart and soul of the sales / design / manufacturing and planning cycle lies in a custom designed ERP software. The ERP system controls all aspects of communication, allowing up to 300 field inputs for every sales order, organizing every aspect of the sale, including planning, QA/QC and accounting. Increased efficiencies and improved communication assure the customer experiences a flawless sales process. Shannon designs every blanket with CAD and uses a library of more than six million files to achieve an exact fit and finish. The CAD files drive CNC software, allowing extremely high production quality and efficiency. The CNC process minimizes production errors and increases geometric tolerances well beyond industry standards, which means Shannon can produce the best quality at the highest production efficiency, giving the customer the best return on investment.

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