Rain Shield Features & Benefits

A Shannon Rain Shield is a custom fit, protective enclosure designed to treat and shield sensitive equipment and complex surfaces in a wash down, sanitary condition. A Shannon Rain Shield will enhance and extend the service life of sensitive components from water, moisture-humidity and chemicals. Shannon Rain Shields can be temporarily or permanently installed.

Eliminates the constant problems associated with a wash down sanitary condition by providing a custom fit removable protective enclosure for each critical device. No more wrapping and taping, no more disposal and waste. Shannon Rain Shields will help meet a zero waste initiative.

Easy to install and remove, allowing quick and easy access with little or no down-time during operations.

Custom-designed to fit the site-specific condition with varying fabrics and materials to accommodate chemicals and temperatures ranging from ambient to 600°F. Fabric jacketing includes silicone fiberglass, PTFE fiberglass, PTFE film, composite laminate aluminized fiberglass, vinyl polypropylene, vinyl nylon, clear vinyl and more.

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Shannon Rain Shield
in use at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility


  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare

Eliminate plastic, tape, wasted time and risk to equipment with typical washdown approach.

Design: RS250VP
Fastener: Food Grade Velcro® Flap/
Clear Vinyl Window
Permanent Installation


CAD/CNC designed and manufactured, allowing precise fit and finish. Enclosure designs can accommodate wiring and piping conduit, brackets, sight glass panels, and all obstructions in and around the protective surfaces.

Will create a safer work environment by making protective surfaces secure. Enhance your V.P.P. (volunteer protection program) with a simple solution.

Increase operator productivity and efficiency with easier access and faster prep time for a wash down activity.

Double sewn, with lock stitching and tri-fold edging. Assures a long-lasting investment so that the enclosures can be removed and reused numerous times.

The leader in the removable insulation industry for quality and engineering standards.

Design: RS250VP
Fastener: Velcro Flaps / Drawcords

About Shannon

Shannon provides sales and service support, CAD design, quality assurance, installation services, and an M&V survey. With access to the equipment, a Shannon representative will field measure at your facility, CAD design a fitted blanket or blanket system and follow established industry production standards to maintain the highest quality control. We will also supply assembly drawings and instructions for installation on multiple piece blanket designs.

Our expertise is comprehensive in servicing and supporting our worldwide list of customers. With high quality standards, on-time deliveries, inventory consignment programs and customer support services, Shannon is unmatched in the industry for customer satisfaction. Factory trained representatives can develop a comprehensive blanket insulation program for you. We offer: Site visits for dimensional verification, installation services, repair services, and troubleshooting to make purchasing easy.

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