Shannon Safety Blankets and Shields mitigate risk and protect people and infrastructure, such as trap valve stations, MOVs, drip legs and structural columns, from fire, water and chemicals. Shannon’s CAD/CNC approach ensures customers experience a minimum of 15 years of service life from each of our safety blankets and shields. Our goal: Deliver a quality product that enables re-installation.

We fit components with insulation blankets and shields every day to protect equipment and employees. Our highly professional staff know how to engineer and design insulation and safety solutions for harsh operating conditions found in locations including processing plants, marine vessels and oil platforms. We have the ability to dissect a system or process and identify the opportunities for saving energy and preventing damage or injury. We compile our field data into an easy to understand performance summary. We look at every aspect of a system and, in most cases, we identify components that otherwise would never see conventional insulation. We also define a system’s history of maintenance, service, repair and neglect and show the customer a comprehensive solution with compelling savings.


  • Removable & truly reusable (all insulation is removable)
  • Custom-fit & CAD-designed to match geometry (i.e., highest probability of reuse)
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance (backed by ASTM testing)
  • Easy-off, easy-on integral fasteners
  • Self-contained insulation system
  • Each blanket includes a metal ID tag
  • Each blanket includes a low-point drain grommet
  • Double-sewn construct lasts 15 years or more

Blanket designs for each site condition include:

  • FB2000MSSiSSiM (MOVs, process systems)
  • RS500LFP (control panels, circuit boards)
  • LT450SS (valves, flanges, pumps)
  • SSS-450FJT (equipment and equipment heads)