Safety Throw Blanket

The Shannon Safety Throw Blanket

 To prevent burns and heat-related injuries, conscientious workers reach for The Shannon Safety Throw Blanket — the industry’s first choice for thermal protection.

Facility and maintenance pros can use the lightweight, flexible Safety Throw Blanket as a pad to lie on; covering for insulated or uninsulated piping; or shield against high-temp operating equipment.  

Learn more about our thermal blanket insulation solutions.

Safety Throw Blanket Offerings

Low Temp Commercial Setting

P/N: IBT-VP-STB-2400-4800

High Temp Industrial Setting

P/N: IBT-TT-STB-2400-4800

High Temp Chemical Setting

P/N: IBT-LFP-STB-2400-4800

5 reasons to buy a shannon safety throw blanket

  1. Easy to roll up, carry and store
  2. Protects knees, arms, etc.
  3. Compact: 24 x 48 in. (61 x 122 cm.)
  4. Easy-care washable surface
  5. Durable, doublesewn jacketing means you’ll reuse it for years
safety throw blanket


Founded in 1988, Shannon Global Energy Solutions is the world-leading provider of reusable high-quality, blanket insulation products and services. With hundreds of thousands of reusable blankets installed for energy conservation, sound reduction and safety, Shannon is the insulation industry standard.


Shannon manufactures engineered systems using CAD-CNC technology, creating the most exact blanket geometry to assure the customer both a high-quality fit and construction. With millions of CAD files of fittings and equipment, Shannon ensures its blanket geometry will match the surface configuration and be reused.


Shannon has established a worldwide and growing customer base, some of whom have consistently purchased from Shannon since 1988.


Shannon engineered systems are represented and supported by technical sales representatives that embrace the sale and support of the sale with expert steam system knowledge. We take pride in offering comprehensive Energy Survey Services following the steam trap survey or further energy survey work, tracking a steam system, identifying new radiant heat loss opportunities on steam systems beyond the steam trap. Shannon’s proven energy savings are fully endorsed by utility rebate programs in the U.S. and Canada.

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