Chilled water blanket solutions

Insulating cold surfaces are always a challenge. Shannon’s Chilled Water Blanket is the solution. Condensation (water build- up) is the problem and in most applications, the difficulty lies in treating surfaces that are complicated, unusual surfaces which require access for service, inspection and repair. Temperature differences between the cold surface and ambient air temperature, create water droplets to accumulate on the surface. Trapping the surface air, removing air movement, air travel and sealing the insulated surface will solve the problem. Open gaps and seams will allow air movement which in turn results in condensation, so the insulation must be air tight to function properly.

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Chilled Water Blanket

Blanket Design: LT250VP
Fasteners: Velcro Flaps / Stainless Steel Wiretwists

Shannon’s Solution

The solution lies in a quality design with a quality fit and finish. Typical blanket insulation designs are loose fitting with open seams, open gaps. The objective is to design a non-porous blanket system that is air-tight. Shannon’s Chilled Water Blanket Design will accommodate unusual surfaces (Pumps, Back-Flow Preventer’s, Chiller Water Box’s, Heat Exchanger Heads, Valves, Strainers) with proper matchups to conventional insulation, producing an air tight blanket system that can still be removed and reinstalled in a matter of minutes.

Chilled Water Blanket

Blanket Design: LT450TT
Fastener: Velcro /  Stainless Wiretwists

Proven Design & Design Construction

Shannon Chilled Water Thermal Blankets are CAD/CNC produced. We create exact fit and finish, making installation and removal and re-Installation, simple and easy with integral fasteners. Shannon’s design library of 7 million CAD files assure success. CNC manufacturing will assure a high-quality construction. The combination of CAD & CNC assures a long-lasting blanket system that is problem free for many years. Reference Designs: LT250VP, LT200VLP,

Field Service & Sales Support

Shannon’s field service representatives are experts in the industry. Our goal and our passion is designing, manufacturing, commissioning and supporting only the best reusable insulation solutions in the industry. We expect every blanket to be re-installed and reused for many years. A guarantee and a warranty unmatched in the market.

Blanket Design: LT450SS
Fastener: Stainless Wiretwist

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