Designed for Fire Safety.
Protect your equipment from extreme temperature with Rapid Rise Fire Blankets. Our high quality designs meet and exceed industry standards for fire safety.

Meet and exceed the UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Test Method.
Rapid Rise Fire Blanket Design FB2000MSSiSSiM and FB2000SSiSSi withstand a temperature of 2000°F rising within 5 minutes and maintain its integrity at this temperature until failure. The UL1709 Test Method demands a minimum duration of exposure of the equipment surface temperature, not to exceed 1000°F. Rapid Rise Fire Blankets withstand the minimum requirement of 30 minutes; and under the current testing, last over 3 hours before failure. The UL1709 test procedure has been the benchmark standard for many applications including: structural columns, valve actuators, cable trays, instrumentation, valve bodies and more.

Match equipment surface geometry.
The blanket enclosure is flexible and easy to install and remove. Drawcord flaps accommodate cable entries, handwheels, clutch mechanisms and inspection.

Designed to match conditions with a durable outer jacketing, withstanding severe weather and chemical environments. A stainless steel wiretwist, metal spring tensioner, or metal D-ring strap with Velcro® tab are available as closure methods for installation, removal and reinstallation.

Pulled from a box, placed on a fixture and tied in place by closing matchup seams. The blanket can be installed within minutes with a pair of leather gloves.

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Design: FB2000SSiSSi


    • Blocks the flame path & retards heat flow
    • Meets or exceeds UL1709 Rapid Rise Fire Test duration
    • Can lower insurance premium
    • Can fit multiple components, i.e., actuator & valves
    • Removable & reusable within minutes
    • No skilled labor required for install or reuse
    • Self-contained blanket system
    • No tools or material required for installation
    • Eliminates the need for all fireproof hard insulation
    • Low maintenance
    • Allows full manual operation of a handwheel
    • Designed to field conditions
    • Standard offerings on many makes and models
    • Weatherproof, chemical resistant, UV resistant
    • Inspection port for access to gauges
    • Accommodates cable entries, bracketing, conduit, etc.
    • Includes a stainless steel nameplate for easy identification
    • Expedited delivery service available

Design: FB2000MSSiSSiM – 3.5” Thickness


  • Petrochemical & Chemical
  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Marine
  • Military & Defense



Shannon provides sales and service support, CAD design, quality assurance, installation services, and an M&V survey. With access to the equipment, a Shannon representative will field measure at your facility, CAD design a fitted blanket or blanket system and follow established industry production standards to maintain the highest quality control. We will also supply assembly drawings and instructions for installation on multiple piece blanket designs.

Our expertise is comprehensive in servicing and supporting our worldwide list of customers. With high quality standards, on-time deliveries, inventory consignment programs and customer support services, Shannon is unmatched in the industry for customer satisfaction. Factory trained representatives can develop a comprehensive blanket insulation program for you. We offer: Site visits for dimensional verification, installation services, repair services, and troubleshooting to make purchasing easy.