Sanitary food grade thermal blanket insulation for kettles, fryers, ovens and steam components pose a difficult insulation challenge for food manufacturers because they present complex surface geometries and high surface temperatures. With Shannon Blankets and Shields, which are custom-fit for every application, food manufacturers can improve cooking efficiency by evenly distributing heat and make sanitary washdown expedient. Reusable Shannon Food Grade Thermal Blanket also make working conditions safer (i.e., OSHA compliance and lower insurance rates) by lowering ambient temperatures. The thermal efficiency of a Shannon Food Grade Thermal Blanket boosts steam systems, which improves steam quality and the overall manufacturing process. Shannon can assess a food-processing facility with a free energy survey, which may include a utility rebate. Customers typically see a payback within 24 months or less.

Proven Track Record: Founded in 1988, Shannon Global Energy Solutions is the world-leading provider of reusable high-quality, blanket insulation products and services. With hundreds of thousands of reusable blankets installed for energy conservation, sound reduction and safety, Shannon is the insulation industry standard.

Proven Design & Construction: Shannon manufactures engineered systems using CAD-CNC technology, creating the most exact blanket geometry to assure the customer both a high-quality fit and construction. With millions of CAD files of fittings and equipment, Shannon ensures its blanket geometry will match the surface configuration and be reused.

Proven Specifications: Shannon Food Grade Thermal Blanket designs are cost-effective, value-added and application specific to allow a projected service life of 15 years or more. These blanket specifications have been adopted by the engineering community through the design standard CSI 3-Part (Construction Specifications Institute).

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Baking Oven
Design: LT550LFP – 1.5” Thickness
Fastener: 4” Stainless Steel D Ring Strap

Buyer Relationship: Shannon has established a worldwide and growing customer base, some of whom have consistently purchased from Shannon since 1988.

Field Service & Sales Support: Shannon engineered systems are supported by sales representatives with in-depth technical knowledge of both the process and value Shannon Blankets will add to food grade applications. Understanding the application and the complementary products to support the sale make Shannon a solutions-driven product. Shannon’s offerings include energy survey services, and sound testing, in-field measuring services and installation, training and technical support. Supporting the sale after installation is as important as the sale.

Double Wall – Steam Cooking Kettle
Design: LT550LFP – 1” Thickness
Fastener: Stainless Steel Wiretwists


  • FDA approved (sanitary wash-down)
  • PTFE non-porous jacketing
  • Heat sealing technology
  • Double sewn / PTFE stitching
  • Stainless steel embossed ID tagging
  • Self contained insulation system
  • CAD/CNC/ERP QA/QC approach
  • ASTM/UL/ISO tested
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Compelling energy savings & safety

HP Steam Pasteurizer
Design: LT550LFP – 1” Thickness
Fastener: Stainless Steel D Ring Strap

Steam to Hot Oil – Fryer Housing
Design: LT550LFP – 1 ó” Thick
Fastener: Heat Sealed PTFE Strap