Shannon is the market leader in sound survey services, connected to removable, reusable insulation technology.

Shannon Global Energy Solutions can offer support services coupled with the sale of a Shannon Acoustic Blanket or Shannon Acoustic Shield. Sound survey services are offered on turnkey projects which may require a before and after sound test, to validate product performance.

Shannon Approach:

Using a “Type 1”, sound pressure level meter, field sound surveys performed by a factory trained Shannon expert, follow the ARI-575 testing standard (Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute), applying a sound pressure level measurement, capturing both a decibel average as well as capturing fixed point octave band measurements. The purpose of this standard is to establish a framework of testing, universal to most machinery installed in a mechanical equipment space. Taking this approach, Shannon will compile the source point readings and summarize the data. Applications include: Compressors, Piping, Fan Housings, Liquid Chillers, Motors, almost any piece of rotation equipment, Process Skids, Ducting and much more.

Shannon Expectations:

The ultimate goal with this service is to validate acoustic noise reduction performance, using Shannon Acoustic Blanket & Shannon Acoustic Shield products. To identity the problem and validate performance, Shannon Survey Services are a necessary support service to compliment the sale. We can provide this service where and when the customer needs to know the tangible result of applying Shannon acoustic products.