Shannon is the market leader in energy surveys & services, connected to removable, reusable insulation technology. Our energy solutions include Shannon Thermal Blanket Insulation and Shannon Heat Shield Insulation.

Since 1988, Shannon has successfully executed energy survey services with energy savings of more than $620 million. By insulating hot surface components that otherwise would have been left untreated, Shannon’s energy savings for its installed base is fast approaching the equivalent of the capacity of two ocean-going super tankers (i.e., two million barrels of oil per tanker). Shannon insulates complex, problematic surfaces that require service, inspection or repair. To do this, Shannon creates energy projects through field development services defining the scope and opportunity with specific detail. Our energy surveys define a payback period and calculate a return on investment, coupled with a potential utility credit. Industries across the globe have endorsed our energy survey approach and high-quality design standards, with proven insulation solutions for every application. Typical payback periods are less than 24 months, common ROI measures are greater than 40 percent, coupled with a 15-year lifecycle; our customers have experienced remarkable financial gains as a result of using Shannon products and services. Our ultimate goal:  Improve system efficiencies (e.g., delivering high-quality dry steam), improve the surrounding work environment (i.e., mitigate risk, avoid employee burns, lower mechanical room ambient temperatures) and save our customers money. We do this every day, as our footprint expands across the globe.

The history of Shannon energy savings speaks for itself

Shannon offers free energy surveys to promote highly effective energy-saving performance. The Shannon ECM (Energy Conservation Measure) ranks among the highest ROIs in the industry, capturing radiant surface temperature at the source. The Shannon ECM approach reviews the system as a whole, from source to use, documenting KPI (Key Performance Indicators) that influence energy savings. The Shannon approach includes surface temperature, ambient temperature, operating hours as well as an accurate description of each component. Our database of fittings delivers customers the industry’s most accurate surface area calculations to deliver an accurate measure on performance. Our aim is to validate a measured savings within 5 percent of the estimated savings.


The Shannon ECM approach is a proven approach, endorsed nationwide by the gas utility market. Shannon offers a turn-key solution:

  • Initial field survey (infrared and/or thermal graphic imaging)
  • Compilation of the field data (spreadsheet of tabulated values)
  • Presentation of the data and summary of values (simple payback, ROI, IRR)
  • Calculation conversions to meet customer measures for approval (BTU, therm, #/hr steam, HP)
  • Steam cost & utility cost measures
  • Rebate incentives (if available)
  • Field take-off, marking, tagging, measuring of each itemized fitting
  • CAD/CNC design & manufacturing (for exact fit and high quality standards)
  • Installation services (open shop & union labor installation)
  • Optional measurement & verification post completion survey