A complete line of industrial acoustic blanket insulation and industrial acoustic shield insulation solutions designed to reduce unwanted, problematic noise from machinery and systems for industries ranging from food processing and transportation to power generation and oil & gas. Shannon’s CAD library of more than 6.5 million files enables an efficient CAD/CNC approach for high-volume production manufacturing.

Shannon GES industrial acoustic blanket insulation and Shannon GES acoustic shields are designed to meet specific performance criteria, so depending on the requirement, Shannon can present a truly accurate product offering with historical success. Our lab testing (ASTM & ISO) as well as our field testing (applications specific) differentiate Shannon from all other companies. Shannon acoustic blankets and Shannon acoustic shields incorporate both a noise absorption and sound reflection dynamic. Each specific blanket/shield design generates varying performance, so consult with Shannon for the proper match. Problem solving is what drives our three decades of success, so allow us to recommend a true solution.

Expect to see reductions of 4 dba to 15 dba, depending on the application and the sound profile. Shannon offers both custom and standard sound packages for specific HVAC/OEM equipment. Shannon Acoustic Blanket and Shield insulations are ASTM & ISO tested, specific to each blanket/shield design offering. We treat noise problems at the source. Applications include: compressors (axial, centrifugal, screw, recip and scroll), pumps, gear drives, piping, fittings, blowers, fans, oil separators, turbines, exhaust ducting and much much more.

  • Removable & truly reusable (all insulation is removable)
  • Custom-fit & CAD designed to match geometry (highest probability of reuse)
  • Excellent thermal insulation performance (backed by ASTM testing)
  • Easy off & easy on integral fasteners
  • Self contained insulation system
  • Each blanket includes a metal ID tag
  • Each blanket includes a low point drain grommet
  • Double sewn construction to last 15 years and beyond