Rain Shield Enclosures are a CAD designed, CNC produced, high quality engineered system, designed to protect key, sensitive components and equipment from weather, moisture, severe conditions including wash-down. Shannon Rain Shield Protective Enclosures are flexible, easy to install, remove and reinstall, allowing quick access and easy equipment serviceability. The key benefit is reduced down time, labor savings & re-usability. Rain Shield will positively impact a zero-waste initiative & enhance a V.P.P. (Volunteer Protection Program)

Common Applications and Markets
Light to Heavy Duty Commercial Settings, Indoors & Outdoors, mild Wash-Down Conditions, Sanitary Water, Soaps, Detergents & light acids. Valve Actuators, Controls, Control Panels, Circuit Boards, Motors, VFD’s, Electronics, Scales, Cable Trays & Critical Operational Components that require protection.

Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Institutional, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biological, Clear Room and or Laboratory Settings.

Service Temperature
This design is to act as a Protective Enclosure Barrier with a maximum service temperature of 500˚F(260˚C).

Jacketing Characteristics
The RS500LFP Rain Shield Protective Enclosure is a PTFE Teflon® Perfluorocarbon Resin Jacketing – Material Weight 13.5oz/yd² (458g/m²). The jacketing material is chemical, weather, oil and water resistant. The RS500LFP Rain Shield includes fasteners for easy install, removal and reinstallation.

Production Wash Down Components (Motors, Terminal Boxes, Electronic Scale)