RS250VP (RS121C-VP)


Rain Shield Enclosures are a CAD designed, CNC produced, high quality engineered system, designed to protect key, sensitive components and equipment from weather, moisture, severe conditions including wash-down. Shannon Rain Shield Protective Enclosures are flexible, easy to install, remove and reinstall, allowing quick access and easy equipment serviceability. The key benefit is reduced down time, labor savings & re-usability. Rain Shield will positively impact a zero-waste initiative & enhance a V.P.P. (Volunteer Protection Program)

Common Applications and Markets
Light to Heavy Duty Commercial Settings, Indoors & Outdoors, mild Wash-Down Conditions, Sanitary Water, Soaps, Detergents & light acids. Valve Actuators, Controls, Control Panels, Circuit Boards, Motors, VFD’s, Electronics, Scales, Cable Trays & Critical Operational Components that require protection.

Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Institutional, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biological, Clear Room and or Laboratory Settings.

Service Temperature
This design is to act as a Protective Enclosure Barrier with a maximum service temperature of 250˚F (121˚C).

Jacketing Characteristics
The RS250VP Rain Shield Protective Enclosure is an 18.0 oz/yd² (611g/m²) Vinyl Coated Polyester Cloth. The jacketing material is Non-Porous and is weather, oil and water resistant. Shannon Rain Shield includes fasteners for easy install, removal and re-installation

Production Wash Down Components (Motors, Terminal Boxes, Electronic Scale)