LT450A-TT (LT232C-A-TT)


Shannon design LT450A-TT acoustic blankets are used for temperature conditions ranging from 250F to 450F. This highly robust industrial acoustic blankets system is ideal for a commercial, heavy commercial, industrial, manufacturing, process setting. In addition, this design can accommodate outdoor weather conditions as the jacketing materials are oil and water resistant. A self contained blanket with integral fasteners, this acoustic blanket design meets the mark on performance reduction while at the same time, it offers easy access for inspection, service and repair. Shannon acoustic blankets are flexible and easy to install and remove. This design is ideal for OEM based equipment offerings across a wide range of applications and industry.

Common Industrial Acoustic Blankets Applications and Markets
Shannon Acoustic Blanket Applications include: Compressors, Pumps, Small Steam Turbines, Liquid Chillers, Oil Separators, Steam Ejectors, Condensor Shells, Vessels, Gear Boxes, Process Valves, Piping, Fans, Blowers, almost any rotation machinery or complex surface geometry.

Service Temperature
Up to 450˚F (232˚C).

Acoustic Performance
4 – 15 dBA Reduction Overall

Finished Surface Mass
1.7lb/ft² (8.3 kg/m²) to 3.7lb/ft² (18.1kg/m²)

Industrial Acoustic Blanket Components
Outer/Inner Jacketing – 16.5oz/yd² (560g/m²) PTFE Teflon® Impregnated Fiberglass Cloth. Mass Loaded Vinyl “Reflector” – 1.0lb/ft² (4.9kg/m²)-2.0lb/ft² (9.8kg/m²). Insulation Core Absorber – 11lb/CF (176.2 kg/m³) Fiberglass Needled Mat-Type E Fiber. The Fiberglass Mat is encapsulated by the Outer/Inner Jacketing and sewn together, producing a Self-Contained Blanket System. The Blanket System includes Integral Fasteners for install & removal.

Industrial acoustic Blankets - Split-Case-Double-Suction-Pump

Split Case Double Suction Pump – 6 dBA Reduction

Operating Temp
Surface Temp
Surface Temp
Surface Temp
121˚ C (250˚ F) 25 mm( 1″) 37.9˚ C (100.2˚ F) 40 mm( 1.5″) 33.3˚ C (92.0˚ F) 50 mm (2″) 30.8˚ C (87.4˚ F)
149˚ C (300˚ F) 25 mm( 1″) 42.6˚ C (108.6˚ F) 40 mm( 1.5″) 36.8˚ C (98.2˚ F) 50 mm (2″) 33.5˚ C (92.3˚ F)
177˚ C (350˚ F) 25 mm( 1″) 47.3 ˚C (117.2˚ F ) 40 mm( 1.5″) 40.3˚ C (104.6˚ F ) 50 mm (2″) 36.3˚ C (97.4˚ F )
204˚ C (400˚ F) 25 mm( 1″) 52.2˚ C (126.0˚ F) 40 mm( 1.5″) 44.0 ˚C (111.2˚ F) 50 mm (2″) 39.3 ˚C (102.7˚ F)
232˚ C (450˚ F) 25 mm( 1″) 57.2˚ C (135.1˚ F) 40 mm( 1.5″) 47.8 ˚C (118.0˚ F) 50 mm (2″) 42.3 ˚C (108.2˚ F)

* The above referenced Cold Face Surface Temperatures should be used as guidelines for blanket insulation thickness design.
* The Cold Face Surface Temperature of the blanket should approach surrounding ambient temperature conditions.
* The economic thickness of the blanket should consider blanket cost, thermal performance and blanket design constraints.
* Heat loss calculations are based on a 21.1˚ C (70˚ F) ambient temperature using a flat surface condition.

Noise Reduction Range
1” (2.5CM) 1.8 lb/ft² to 2.8 lb/ ft² (8.8-13.7kg/m²) 1.5 DBA to 6 DBA Reduction
1 ½” (3.8CM) 2.2 lb/ ft² to 3.2 lb/ ft² (10.7-15.6kg/m²) 4 DBA to 8 DBA Reduction
2” (5CM) 2.6 lb/ ft² to 3.6 lb/ ft² (12.7-17.6kg/m²) 5 DBA to 10 DBA Reduction
2 ½” (6.4CM) 3.0 lb/ ft² to 4.0 lb/ ft² (14.7-19.5kg/m²) 7 DBA to 13 DBA Reduction

* The above referenced Acoustic Performance should be used as a guideline for blanket insulation thickness design.
* The Acoustic Performance of the blanket should be bench marked against the ambient noise condition.
* The economic thickness of the blanket should be considered in selection of a target reduction with consideration to blanket design constraints.
* Contact Shannon for guidance in selection, as the historical performance of each application varies significantly.