Plexiglass Safety Shield? Compare to Shannon Heat Shield for Steam Trap Burn Safety

Jun 17, 2024 | Shannon Blog

Plexiglass safety shield?

Mitigate burn risk and save energy at the same time, by treating the problem not the symptom. Specify Shannon  Easy on/Easy Off reusable Heat Shields applied to your steam traps directly.  

Look at this example:


The below application is a 10ft long plexiglass safety shield, designed to protect personnel from potential employees burns. The source heat is a series of Steam Trap Stations, generating surface temperatures of 250F to 290F, along a high traffic service corridor.

Arrows show plexiglass shield blocking easy access to the Steam Trap and fittings,


Expensive plexiglass safety shields can be difficult to erect and manage. At times of necessary access, it becomes challenging and complicated, to remove the shield to access the surfaces for inspection, service or repair. Keep in mind, these hot surfaces are left uninsulated, generating unnecessary heat loss. The protective barrier prevents injury, but it ignores the real problem.



    Thermographic images of bare Steam Trap at 316 degrees F and Steam Trap with Shannon Heat Shield applied 113 degrees F, as well as Heat shield photo showing easy on & off for access to Steam Trap

    The solution is to use Shannon Heat Shield Insulation on all steam traps and Shannon Thermal Blanket Insulation on steam fitting assemblies.

    • Treat the source heat, and wrap complex surfaces that otherwise would remain untreated.
    • Capture radiant heat.
    • Apply a removable, reusable insulation heat shield & thermal blanket, with integral Velcro Flap Fasteners, giving the operator, “Instant Access”.
    • Apply Shannon Heat Shield Design: LT500HS-TC to Steam Traps 
    • Apply Shannon Thermal Blanket Design LT450SS to Threaded Gate Valves, Nipples, Strainers & Unions.

    Positive Results

    • Save Downtime
      Quick and easy access shortening the down time.
    • Save Labor costs
      Saving labor cost from removal and re-installation of plexiglass
    • Lower Surface Temp
      Mitigate Burn risk
    • Lower Ambient Temperature
      Lower the room temperature, and Lower your air conditioning cost if the space is cooled, by removing the heat source.
    • Save Energy
      Mitigate radiant heat loss. Save energy on surfaces that otherwise remain untreated, insulate the uninsulated.

    Energy Savings Results

    The Performance is Compelling:

    Charts showing Trap Station energy and cost savings examples
    Gestra-Model-MK45-Steam-Trap with Shannon Global Energy solutions Heat Shield

    Easy to Install, Remove and Reuse