For RL Stone, reusable insulation means energy savings, safety

Mar 10, 2020 | Shannon Blog

The right business partners are critical to helping a company expand globally, but they can also bolster a firm’s success in its own backyard.

For Shannon, one of these partners is RL Stone an FCX Performance company, a specialist in supplying solutions and components for steam, HVAC, and utilities based in upstate New York and New England. For Tony Ciuffo, New England sales manager for RL Stone, his work helps companies address problems that Shannon has expertise in solving.

“A lot of the work I do is about energy savings, with the added caveat of safety,” said Ciuffo.

Ciuffo works with companies across New England, including production and processing facilities, utilities, colleges and hospitals. He’s had successful projects throughout his tenure at RL Stone, pairing clients with Shannon products that achieve results.

“I had a customer that had a lot of exposed, high temperature, high pressure steam distribution systems. The space itself was around 125 degrees Fahrenheit, ambient,” said Ciuffo. “In addition to improved personnel safety, we were able to insulate it with pre-engineered reusable insulation systems. The reusable insulation systems reduced the temperature by over 15 degrees. In addition to realized additional energy cost reductions and efficiency savings – improved safety was also a factor.”

Bringing down ambient temperatures only makes the space safer and more comfortable for workers, it can also significantly reduce the need for air cooling and conditioning, which can add to additional energy savings.

“When you have temperatures that high, a facility will try to mitigate that heat by putting air conditioning in the space,” said Ciuffo. “If you can reduce that cooling in the space, there are electrical savings that can be realized as well. It’s a multiplier effect.”

In addition to energy and electrical savings generated by insulating components, RL Stone can also help cut logistical costs further because of their location, experience and foothold in the region.

“Because of where we’re located in New England, a lot of the utility companies have been putting together substantial rebate savings,” said Ciuffo. “Not only are we saving energy for these customers, but we’re also able to leverage the support of the local utility companies. We offer these consulting services to our clients illustrating a positive return on investment – making it easy for them to justify the cost for implementing these systems.”

Location, product quality and existing clientele makes the partnership between RL Stone and Shannon effective and mutually beneficial.