Reusable acoustic blankets reduce chiller noise for college classes

Feb 4, 2021 | Press Releases

NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y. – February 4, 2021 – Shannon Global Energy Solutions designed and manufactured reusable acoustic blankets for SUNY Oneonta to cover two compressors on a Trane Model RTAA Rotary Liquid Chiller and reduce chiller noise level affecting classes at the nearby Human Ecology Building.

Before covering the compressors with a set of Shannon LT250A-VP reusable acoustic blankets (which Shannon designs specifically for HVAC equipment such as liquid chillers) instructors were distracted by the operation of the chiller’s compressors and fans. Although elastomeric vibration eliminators can reduce structurally transmitted sound, the chiller’s uninsulated compressors disturbed instructors and students in class.

Shannon and its reseller Altamont, N.Y.-based Technology Plus learned about the acoustic challenge with the chiller located near the Human Ecology Building while helping the college’s facilities team evaluate the use of Shannon reusable insulation blankets for a set of valves located in the campus’ tunnels.

“The SUNY team felt there wasn’t much they could do to reduce chiller noise,” said Terry Roach, major account manager for Shannon.

“We looked at the situation and system; the compressors have some unique geometries, but we always find a way to accommodate that,” Roach added.

“We recommended the LT250A acoustic blanket,” said Paul Megan, Inside Sales manager for Technology Plus. “Covering a compressor isn’t enough to reduce chiller noise; you also have to carefully design the reusable insulation, so when a maintenance worker takes it off and puts it back on the component there are no gaps, which cause sound energy to escape. You don’t want maintenance staff struggling to get the blanket to fit – it should be easy, which is where good design and standards come in.”

“The blankets perform well; once Shannon made them and shipped them to us, we installed them ourselves, and they go on and come off easily,” said Terry Zimmer, director of Facilities Operations for SUNY Oneonta. “The sound is noticeably different, since putting the acoustic blankets on.”

According to Shannon, there has been a reduction in noise of 6 dBA since blanketing the compressors.

About Shannon Global Energy Solutions

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