Insulating Laundry Equipment Made Sustainable, Safe

Nov 8, 2022 | News Articles

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Insulating Laundry Equipment made Sustainable, Safe


Shannon Global Energy Solutions, which engineers and manufactures reusable acoustic and thermal insulation blankets for a sustainable planet, is introducing a removable and reusable LT450-TT Thermal Blanket and LT500 HS-TC Heat Shield for plant operators at institutional, commercial and industrial laundries to improve safety and energy efficiency for equipment like boilers and presses. The LT450-TT removable insulation blanket, part of the firm’s INSULTECH® line, creates a thermal barrier that enables machinery to use steam energy more efficiently, which reduces the cost of steam, and protects workers from burns. LT500HS-TC Heat Shield delivers safety and energy efficiency for boiler doors by lowering surface temperatures.

The Company says plant operators can easily and quickly remove and reinstall the model LT450-TT Thermal Blanket and LT500HS-TC Heat Shield from equipment to adjust settings or for maintenance. Insulation that a worker can easily remove and replace on a piece of equipment makes for a sustainable solution, adds Shannon GES.

Model LT450-TT has a maximum thermal capacity of 450 F.
Model LT500HS-TC has a maximum service temperature of 500 F.

Facility owners can use these removable and reusable insulation blankets and shields on equipment made by many different manufacturers.

Each Shannon GES reusable thermal blanket and shield includes an I.D. tag to describe the component to which it belongs and a Hot-Surface label to warn employees of high temperatures. If a customer needs to reorder an insulation blanket or shield or obtain a replacement part, they can easily do so because Shannon GES says it stores production drawings for up to 10 years.


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