Pharmaceuticals Processing – Zero Waste Initiative for Washdown

May 13, 2024 | Shannon Blog

Pharmaceuticals Processing Zero waste initiative? It’s time for reusable washdown covers to protect your sensitive equipment!
Rain Shield protective enclosures from Shannon Global Energy Solutions are designed for this purpose.

High-tech Pharmaceuticals processing equipment needs to be protected during wash downs because high-pressure water and harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on sensitive, expensive equipment. These reusable protective enclosures are made to fit your Pharma equipment’s geometry.  Eliminate the need to purchase rolls and rolls of flimsy plastic and avoid the constant creation of plastic waste from used plastic bags, sheeting and tape.

photo of wrapping equipment with single use plastic sheeting creating plastic waste during washdown

Look at This Comparison:

Chart showing data on savings for Rain Shield

Pharmaceuticals processing companies around the world can use Rain Shield protective machine covers as a part of their hygienic washdown procedures and zero waste initiatives. Reduce waste and save money at the same time.

Weighing Station with Rain Shield Protective enclosures protecting sensitive control units and equipment for washdown

Easy to Install, Remove and Reuse

Easy to install and remove, they are custom-designed to the site-specific condition. The RS500LFP Rain Shield Protective Enclosure is a PTFE Teflon® Perfluorocarbon Resin Jacketing – Material Weight 13.5oz/yd² (458g/m²). The jacketing material is chemical, oil and water resistant. The RS500LFP Rain Shield includes fasteners for easy install, removal and reinstallation. This design acts as a Protective Enclosure Barrier for a service temperature up to 500˚F(260˚C). Enclosure designs accommodate wiring and piping conduit, brackets, sight glass panels and all obstructions in and around the protected surfaces. Materials are FDA approved.

Rain Shield can help  your Pharmaceuticals Processing facility’s sanitary, health and safety procedures by providing protection for your valuable processing equipment in a sustainable way.