Insulation Blankets for Heat Exchangers

May 8, 2024 | Shannon Blog


Why do we need Insulation Blankets For Heat Exchangers?

Let’s understand the purpose of heat exchangers – for example, the Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger.

The main purpose of a plate and frame heat exchanger in an industrial setting is to transfer thermal energy between two fluids without direct contact. These heat exchangers consist of a series of thin plates, usually made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials, that are arranged in alternating layers. Let’s delve into more details:
1. Heat Transfer: Plate and frame heat exchangers offer efficient heat transfer in a relatively compact and lightweight structure. The unique design allows for a large surface area, which enhances heat exchange efficiency. The fluids flow through the channels formed by the plates, allowing efficient heat transfer.
2. Fluid Separation: The primary function is to separate the hot and cold fluids while still allowing heat exchange. For example:
– In building services, plate heat exchangers transfer heat from a primary loop (connected to a boiler) to a separate secondary loop (e.g., in a district heating network) without mixing the fluids.
– In manufacturing, they can cool down oil using water without contaminating either fluid.
3. Compact Design: Plate heat exchangers are popular because they are:
– Compact: They occupy less space compared to other types like shell and tube heat exchangers.
– Efficient: The fluids are exposed to a larger surface area, leading to better heat transfer.
– Easy to Service: They can be disassembled for maintenance by sliding out the plates.


How can we make plate & frame heat exchangers more efficient?

With high quality insulation blankets for heat exchangers as shown here.

Photo of Plate and Frame Heat exchanger with Insulation Blankets

Shannon Global Energy Solutions Reusable Insulation Blankets for plate and frame heat exchanger. Shown: Design Specification: LT250VP

Shannon Global Energy Solutions Removable reusable insulation blankets for heat exchanger - Plate & Frame For optimal energy efficiency

Engineered, designed and manufactured for fit, finish and performance. Easy to install, remove and re-install for inspection and maintenance. Expect a 15-year service life.

Insulating a plate and frame heat exchanger for an industrial setting offers several important benefits.

  1. Energy Efficiency: While pipework is commonly insulated, plate heat exchangers are often left exposed. However, insulating them can significantly reduce energy costs. By minimizing heat loss, insulation ensures that the heat exchanger operates efficiently, saving energy and decreasing a facility’s carbon footprint.
  2. Heat Conservation: Without insulation, a plate heat exchanger will radiate heat just like pipework. Insulation helps conserve heat, preventing unnecessary energy waste. It also maintains optimal operating temperatures for gas and liquid flow, improving overall efficiency.
  3. Condensation Prevention: Differences in temperature can lead to condensation on the heat exchanger surface. Insulation helps prevent this by maintaining a consistent temperature.
  4. Extended Service Life: Proper insulation provides protection against environmental factors, which extends the heat exchanger’s service life. This reduces long-term capital expenditure and minimizes maintenance requirements.
  5. Safety: Removable Reusable Blanket Insulation acts as an important safety precaution, protecting operatives and staff from contact with hot surfaces. It helps ensure a safer working environment.

Let’s explore why Specifying Shannon Insultech® Blanket Insulation systems for Heat Exchangers is crucial:

CAD Designed for exact fit & finish

CNC Produced for Accuracy and High Quality

Comprehensive Specifications to accommodate temperature and field condition

Each Blanket includes a Metal embossed ID plate with a QC code for indentification

Integral fasteners for easy off- easy on

Design standards tested to ASTM, UL and ISO

In summary, insulating a plate and frame heat exchanger with high quality removeable, reusable insulation blankets, with custom fit and integral fasteners not only improves energy efficiency but also enhances safety and prolongs the equipment’s lifespan. Consider it a cost-effective investment for better performance and reduced operational expenses.