Keep these goals in mind when buying reusable insulation blankets

Aug 13, 2021 | Shannon Blog

Shannon’s truly reusable insulation blankets work toward three goals: protecting workers, reducing energy loss, and creating more comfortable work environments. While customers often seek all these solutions when purchasing a Shannon blanket system, different groups focus on different attributes.

Applications in heavy industry remain a frequent target for reusable blanket insulation. Oftentimes, projects in processing environments or complex mechanical rooms aim to make the working environment safer for employees by covering dangerously hot surfaces, as well as reducing the ambient temperature of the room to make it a more bearable place to work. The resulting energy savings become more of an afterthought in these instances.

“In a lot of cases, energy is not the top thing on the buyer’s list. It’s more a safety concern for their workers than anything,” said Terry Roach, corporate account manager for Shannon Global Energy Solutions. “If it happens to save energy, that’s a bonus in their mind. They want to make their workplace comfortable and safe for their employees.”

For jobs like these, Shannon representatives frequently target steam supply systems when conducting energy surveys, as a steam line’s components regularly achieve dangerously high surface temperatures, and elevate the room’s ambient temperature to an uncomfortable degree. Components like strainers, drip legs, gate valves, and steam traps rank among the most common to cover with reusable insulation blankets, as these pieces of equipment also radiate large amounts of energy. Therefore, covering steam system components also translates into energy savings, which spells reduced costs to the employer. According to Roach, institutions with large campuses tend to focus more on this benefit of Shannon blanket technology.

“A lot of work we’ve done lately has been for employers looking to save energy,” added Roach.

Regardless of whether the facility manager aims to save energy or focus on keeping workers safe, Shannon reusable blanket systems address employers’ concerns with a simple, long-lasting and quality design specified exactly for the intended application. And that means saving energy and ensuring safety for the long haul.