Motor Operated Valves (MOV) and Gear Boxes Need Protection

May 15, 2023 | Shannon Blog

Motor Operated Valves (MOV) and Gear Boxes Need Protection

Let’s discuss why motor operated valves need protection. When it comes to protecting Motor Operated Valves (MOVs) and gear boxes in outside weather conditions, it is important to consider the environmental factors that can cause damage to these devices. These include extreme temperatures, UV rays, moisture, dust, and debris. In cold weather, freezing rain and ice can cause significant damage if water enters and freezes inside the valve or actuator. Without proper protection, MOVs and gear boxes can suffer from corrosion, rust, electrical shorts, and other issues that can lead to costly downtime and repairs.

One of the best ways to protect MOVs and gear boxes — vital devices in oil and gas plants, power generation units, and various other applications — is the use of Rain Shield Protective Enclosures from Shannon Global Energy Solutions.

Comparison of Actuator bare and with Rain Shield Protective Cover
Pipeline Valve Switch Actuator, bare.                    Pipeline Valve Switch Actuator, with Rain Shield
 The Best Choice for Actuator Covers

Rain Shield equipment covers are CAD designed and engineered for years of protection of your electronic devices.  With proper protection in place, you can extend the lifespan of your equipment and keep your operations running smoothly.

Pipeline Valve Switch Actuator cover details
Rain Shield enclosures are made from RS450TF jacketing material that is resistant to chemicals, weather, UV rays, oil, and water.  This material is the best choice for actuator covers and other outdoor electronic equipment covers. These Shannon Rain Shield enclosures also feature an integral fastener that allows for easy installation, removal, and re-installation. This makes it easy to perform routine maintenance and inspections without having to remove the entire enclosure. Protecting your Motor Operated Valves (MOVs) and gear boxes from harsh outdoor conditions, is critical for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your equipment.

Contact a Shannon Sales Rep today to determine the right specification for your application.

Rain Shield covers protecting pipeline instrumentation
Pipeline Instrumentation with Rain Shield Protective Enclosures