Project HighLight – Acoustic Enclosure

Sep 14, 2023 | Case Studies, Shannon Blog

Acoustic Enclosure ends Noise Complaints for Manufacturing Plant

Project Highlight
Client: Global manufacturer of construction materials
Location: New York State

Situation: Engine Exhaust Noise – Sound levels above Community Ordinance


  • Shannon GES worked with the customer’s Plant Manager to plan the best approach and solution to reduce noise which was disturbing a nearby residential area.
  • The equipment could not be directly insulated with Acoustic Insulation.
  • A self-supporting metal framework was constructed by the customer to accommodate equipment clearances.
  • Shannon GES custom-designed a removable reusable acoustic panel system to fit the structure. Design specifications for acoustic enclosure selected for optimal acoustic performance and durability in an outdoor condition.
  • Design included easy access to service the equipment within the enclosure and included cut-outs for piping

LT250A-VP with Velcro Vinyl Flaps  w/SS Wiretwist Fasteners

Estimated Noise Reduction: 10-13 dBA
Compliant with Ordinance
Ended Noise Complaints

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