Protecting the Environment One Spray Shield at a Time

Mar 22, 2021 | Shannon Blog

Designed with the Earth in mind, the Shannon Safety Spray Shield mitigates the effect of an industrial liquid spill. Shannon’s custom-designed safety shield – most commonly used in the oil industry – not only helps prevent leaks from spreading but also withstands the force of a high-pressure leak.

“This shield is used in case of a leak,” said Terry Roach, Mid-Atlantic regional manager of Shannon Global Energy Solutions. “If a leak starts at a flange, it will contain the leak and prevent it from spraying out and affecting nearby trees and other vegetation.”

The shield is made for applications like a flanged fitting, valve, equipment head and/or instrument. Shannon has tested its Spray Shields using a Mullen Burst Test and designs each shield for different pressure ratings as needed. By way of background, with the Mullen Test, designers take a sample of material, expand a diaphragm under the sample until the weakest point ruptures, and then record the pressure, often in psi.

“Oil pipeline companies use it primarily,” added Roach. “We’ve been doing projects across North America, and pipeline owners and operators see the product as an important environmental protection, a way to assure safety and mitigate potential risk factors.”

Designing the Spray Shield

“A guiding principle for us is ‘engineering reusable solutions for a sustainable planet,’” noted Frank Kovacs, president and CEO of Shannon. “This product is emblematic of that principle.”

Shannon developed multiple specifications for its Safety Spray Shield offering, as it does with all its products, to accommodate each specific application and address individual needs. Once Shannon’s designers approve the specification, each shield produced must meet the requirements before Shannon delivers the shield to its customer.

“Working closely with the oil and gas industry helped us get the right specifications for the shield design,” said Roach, “We were able to help them with specific needs including directing affluent into a containment bed.”

According to Roach, facilities have containment methods underneath piping to confine potential leaks, but the Safety Spray Shield adds insurance to the system solution.

“Employees can take the shield off, clean up the leak, and put the shield back on once the leak or spill is addressed,” added Roach, “This is what makes it a unique product in the industry and one way we’ve driven our company’s great success over the years.”

In fact, for 33 years, Shannon has worked in the oil and gas industry, addressing thermal, acoustic and safety concerns – the Safety Spray Shield is just the latest development.

“Shannon stepped in, developed the Safety Spray Shield, had it tested to make sure the form and fit of the shield was correct,” said Roach. “We applied our CAD-CNC-ERP design and manufacturing approach to create the shield. It’s what assures the highest quality in the industry.”

The Shannon Safety Spray Shield specifications address various service temperatures, field conditions and applications. For information about each specification, go to Shannon’s website for the current standards: SSS-500-AAAS, SSS-450-FJT, and SSS-500-TAFT.