Safety blankets, acoustic blankets are linchpin for protecting workers and profits

Oct 13, 2020 | Shannon Blog

A Shannon safety blanket or acoustic blanket will help protect workers by covering dangerous components, whether the components have sharp edges, project high-decibel sound or operate at extremely hot temperatures. An unsafe work environment can have consequences for several aspects of a business. Exposed, hot components, for example, may force employees to take other, less obvious risks to avoid burns or slow down the pace of work to sidestep potential injury.

“Safety is one of the major reasons people contact us,” said Mike Makofsky, Northeast regional manager for Shannon Global Energy Solutions.

“If it’s hot, dangerous, wet, noisy, sharp, dirty, whatever, you’re not going to get as much done,” added Makofsky. “You’re going to have to take breaks. You’re going to work more slowly because you’re concerned about getting cut or burned. These are practical realities.”

Naturally, liability is also important to consider when thinking about safety in the workplace. Neglecting to fix a problem that jeopardizes the safety of workers can lead to serious injury, or even death, should something go wrong.

“There’s a financial impact,” said Makofsky. “If someone’s working in a hot area, and they don’t have one of our pads, or a safety blanket, there’s a very good likelihood they could get a serious burn. That’s a recordable incident, which means the employer’s workman’s comp goes up.”

The degree of safety in the workplace impacts the overall attitude of a team. If employees see that management does not take the initiative to fix problems that puts a worker’s health at risk, it brings down team morale, which can lower productivity or increase turnover. Conversely, workers who see their higher-ups investing in products to improve workplace safety may in turn feel more invested in the business, leading to higher quality work completed quickly but safely.

“It boosts morale,” said Makofsky.

A Shannon reusable thermal, safety or acoustic blanket is one part of solving workplace safety issues. The Shannon safety throw blanket is another. The safety throw blanket is a portable solution for covering hazardous components and materials. Folding into a compact package and weighing only nine pounds, workers can take the safety throw blanket to and from job sites, while getting the protection of a traditional Shannon safety blanket. Safety has a wide-ranging impact for the workplace and worker, which is why Shannon makes it a top priority.