Selling not only reusable blanket insulation but also support, satisfaction

Aug 5, 2020 | Shannon Blog

Many of Shannon’s representatives and resellers of our reusable blanket insulation won’t profess to be the “price” company, but ask the industry, you’ll quickly learn they’re known as companies that back our product. One of our successful sales reps, whose firm specializes in steam, boiler and HVAC systems, said,

“A facility manager might find thermal blanket insulation somewhere else for less, but if they have a problem with fit or finish or anything else, buyers know we and Shannon will work on it ‘til it’s right.”

Partnerships with distributors are critical to serving the facility managers, sustainability professionals and energy managers in markets and industries around the world who are interested in how thermal blanket insulation, acoustic blankets and safety products will reduce energy and improve the workplace. Our partnerships tend to run deeper than most, though.

For instance, instead of meeting a customer by themselves, our resellers and representatives, with the client’s permission, often invite a Shannon expert to accompany them to explore areas where a Shannon energy solution could be applied. A facility manager might invite a reseller to survey a district steam system with the intent of buying reusable blanket insulation, but as a team, the reseller and Shannon might learn from the facility manager that a poorly insulated chiller is regularly distracting the occupants of a nearby conference room. Together, they recommend an acoustic blanket solution for the facility to reduce noise by up to 10 dBA.

A few years ago, a large hospital contacted one of our resellers regarding its steam systems. The call resulted in our reseller meeting them and providing some very specific information related to a thermal blanket insulation solution along with an over-the-table discussion about energy savings including Shannon. The meeting led to a large sale. Although Shannon products have very high rates of customer satisfaction, no manufacturer is immune to problems. Resellers say the Shannon difference is our ability to acknowledge a problem in a timely way and work hard to solve the customer’s issue quickly and safely.

Shannon does what it takes to make a customer happy, and that’s a plus for our resellers and reps, too.