Shannon’s chemical spray shield protects workers and the environment

Jan 21, 2021 | Shannon Blog

Shannon Global Energy Solutions has recently taken its CAD-CNC-ERP process for making reusable and removable insulation blankets and developed a chemical spray shield to protect people and places in other ways. This new product, known as the Safety Spray Shield, supplements the Shannon INSULTECH® removable insulation blanket line. Like Shannon’s traditional removable and reusable insulation blanket, each Safety Spray Shield is designed to perfectly fit the component it covers and be removed and reinstalled in minutes. Despite the similarities, there are key differences between Shannon’s flagship products and the new chemical safety spray shield.

“It’s not a thermal reusable insulation blanket,” said Terry Roach, corporate account manager for Shannon. “It’s a protective shield that facility and maintenance workers can put on flanges with environmental concerns.”

Many times, in the oil/gas and hydrocarbon industry, pipelines and other components carrying petrochemical products will have to pass near or through protected areas. To prevent damage to the natural landscape before a leak occurs, facility workers can cover unprotected, critical joints with the Safety Spray Shield. Then, if a leak happens, Shannon’s chemical spray shield will mitigate damage to the environment or any personal property near the site.

“If a pipeline is close to a creek or protected area, and if there is a leak on a flange, oil can disperse into the environment,” said Roach.

Shannon designed the Safety Spray Shield to handle extreme flow and high pressure in order to direct any spilled chemicals into a containment bed.

“It contains the oil and directs it straight down, instead of an unprotected joint that leaks will shoot or spray oil into nearby trees, a creek or elsewhere,” added Roach.

Because these pipelines are often outdoors, the Safety Spray Shield is also made to withstand the elements, with a non-porous, weather- and temperature-resistant material that ensures the blanket will do its job for years to come.