Tested and trusted, Shannon’s Rapid Rise Fire Blanket spell fire protection

Jan 28, 2021 | Shannon Blog

At Shannon Global Energy Solutions, insulation blankets are certainly a specialty, and Shannon’s CAD-CNC-ERP design and manufacturing process creates removable insulation blankets that are truly reusable and maximize the efficiency of the equipment they protect. But that same process can also be applied in other ways, to create blankets that do more than just insulate such as the Shannon Rapid Rise Fire Blanket.

Rather than keep important components running at maximum efficiency, the Rapid Rise Fire Blanket, which includes design FB2000MSSiSSiM and FB2000SSiSSi, is meant to protect critical infrastructure when it’s needed most.

“The Fire Blanket is a different perspective to Shannon’s INSULTECH line of removable insulation blankets,” said Terry Roach, major account manager for Shannon. “A lot of our blankets retain heat, and can keep the component inside at a temperature to save energy, whereas the Fire Blanket is a passive protection device.”

Most commonly applied in the oil and gas industry, the Fire Blanket is designed, just like a traditional Shannon blanket, to fit each piece of equipment precisely and to remove and reinstall with ease. The key difference is the Fire Blanket is certified to withstand heat of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,093 degrees Celsius) for as long as three hours before failing. This protection can make all the difference in a fire situation.

“You may apply this to an actuator that controls a valve, and that actuator has to operate during a catastrophe, during an intense fire or explosion,” said Roach.

While most commonly used in petrochemical applications, the Fire Blanket can also be used in power generation, marine, and military applications, among others.

“We have found other applications for it, anything that you want to protect in a fire,” said Roach.

While different from traditional Shannon insulation, there’s no doubt the Fire Blanket follows Shannon’s tradition of easy-to-use blanket products that help keep workers safe.

“When it comes to fire protection, a properly designed and fitted safety blanket makes all the difference in shielding components and systems,” said Frank Kovacs, president of Shannon. “Our high-quality, UL-tested designs exceed industry standards for fire safety.”