The Acoustic Shield: The Economical Industrial Noise Reduction Solution

Sep 23, 2022 | Shannon Blog

Since its founding in 1988, Shannon Global Energy Solutions has been providing high quality, sustainable, and innovative industrial noise reduction solutions for a wide variety of industries. Specializing in both thermal and acoustic insulation reduction solutions, Shannon continues to provide custom solutions with their product lines.

In the spirit of innovation and customer dedication, Shannon Global developed the Acoustic Shield in 2018 as an economical industrial noise reduction method for equipment requiring a smaller reduction in noise levels, such as a 5 dBA reduction requirement, while continuing to offer the same level of quality.

What is an Acoustic Shield?

The Acoustic Shield is Shannon Global’s answer for a most cost-friendly version of the more robust Acoustic Blanket. While the technology and design of the Acoustic Shield are modeled after the Acoustic Blanket, the Shield is designed for specific pieces of equipment that produce less heat and noise.

Similar to the Acoustic Blanket, the Acoustic Shield is easy to install, access, and service due to its VelcroⓇ hook-and-loop fasteners design. A skilled Shannon Global technician will also install your Acoustic Shield for you or work with your maintenance team during the installation process to ensure quality.

Shannon Global uses CAD technology to design a custom fit for each individual product. The Acoustic Shield is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on your needs and is oil and water resistant. The Shield is made of non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl and the insulation core features a EPDM elastomeric closed cell foam insulation. The Acoustic Shield is also manufactured to withstand temperature up to 250℉ (121℃).

Like the Acoustic Blanket, the Acoustic Shield is ASTM and ISO tested, OSHA compliant, and is rigorously field tested for specific applications to ensure quality. Both the Blanket and the Shield are constructed to last up to 15 years.

Acoustic Blanket vs. Acoustic Shield

If you’re looking for an industrial noise reduction solution, you need to understand the decibel level that’s emitting from your equipment. The Acoustic Blanket and the Acoustic Shield are specialized for different levels of noise decibel reduction.

The Acoustic Blanket is constructed to reduce 4 – 15 dBAs depending on the thickness of the insulation and has a wider range of equipment applications. The Acoustic Shield is designed to reduce 1.5 – 8 dBAs depending on the thickness of the insulation and is most commonly used to reduce noise from scroll compressors and compressor discharge piping.

If you’re unsure which product is best suited for your specific needs, Shannon Global offers sound survey services to inspect the decibel average and the fixed point octave band measurement. These tests can offer you tangible proof of the product’s functionality and impact.

Want to learn more about how Shannon Global’s custom Acoustic Shields work? Message our team to get your questions answered!