When it comes to insulation for hospitals and other facilities, Shannon excels

Sep 14, 2020 | Shannon Blog

Shannon is known to work with and take on projects at facilities ranging from insulation for hospitals to universities, building long-lasting impressions with facility owners who are large producers and consumers of steam. One reason Shannon has a track record with these facilities is its ability to provide insulation for hospitals and universities with unique applications.

Some facilities operate around the clock, while others scale back operations during certain months. Their energy consumption fluctuates throughout each year.  Some run higher pressure steam and higher temperature applications that can affect the standards and specifications for the insulation blankets Shannon makes for a facility. Unique applications Shannon tackles include the specifically designed LP500LSP laminate insulation jackets that help protect components in manholes from chemicals and flooding due to streetside conditions or the environment in tunnels. Shannon takes the time to research its clients’ facilities; so that its designers create insulation for hospitals, universities and various manufacturing plants in a way that stands up to not only temperature and surface conditions but also the way workers handle and access covered components.

“We build a relationship with a customer,” said Terry Roach, Shannon Global Energy Solutions corporate account manager, “as an energy-solutions partner, someone who spends the time getting to know their business and the applications.”

According to Roach, after completing a project, Shannon covers the “stages and phases” of the facility. For instance, installers look for potential maintenance issues and make sure they’ve installed blankets properly because anything short of a perfect fit is an opportunity for energy loss or a safety hazard. Because Shannon, first, ensures it knows a facility like the back of its hand, it can make sure its removable, reusable insulation solutions fit like a glove.