Without standards and specs, buying insulation is risky business

Aug 14, 2020 | Videos

Without standards and specs, buying insulation is risky business

Aug 13, 2020

My name is Frank Kovaks and I am the President and CEO of Shannon Global Energy Solutions. This particular video is going to emphasize the need for standards and specifications driven within in the industry of removable, reusable insulation. We have been able to design and we have been able to create specific geometries depending on what the component may be. Something as simple as a steam trap and something as complex as a gas turbine or steam turbine – all of these components are designed in CAD format. This allows us to get very specific with the design.

Why is this important? The accuracy of the geometry is there and the probability of reinstallation is higher. Our interest is to create exact designs and our interest is to create good quality. CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) three part and ten part are drivers behind every single blanket system that we design and produce.

If the customer does not use the proper specification, typically, the standard is diluted and as a result, you may have a premature failure. The failure could come from the material components used for instance, a manhole application that does not take into consideration carbonic acid attacking the fibers that are in the jacketing or insulation. It could be a temperature issue with the wrong jacketing materials or insulation materials are used and the materials don’t accommodate the temperature requirement. It could be a vapor application. If these components are used and there are no standard written around them, more than likely the design will become diluted and the ultimate outcome will be a premature failure.

The energy conservation market is a big part of our business. We have tested our specific blanket designs under ASTM test. If those tests prove out correct and they do, we can to a high degree of accuracy tell a customer what the savings will be generated from that blanket design.

The blanket design standard drives the sale and the blanket design drives the performance. The performance ultimately is what the customer is after. In this case, the ASTM standard is part of the proposal and part of the process.

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