Every Steam Trap Should Be Insulated!

Oct 15, 2021 | Shannon Blog

Steam Traps can cause between $30 to $300.00 per year in wasted energy! Steam Traps are a dangerously hot surface! Steam Traps are problematic, but necessary!

Steam Traps need to be insulated!

According the U.S. Department of Energy:

Effectively insulate inverted bucket traps with removable and reusable snap-on insulation. Thermostatic traps and disk traps should be insulated according to manufacturers’ specifications to ensure proper operation.

Before removal of all or any existing insulation material, check for asbestos in according with OSHA regulations.

Shannon Heat Shield Insulation is compliant to OSHA standards for exposed heated surfaces wherever there is a potential for injury. OSHA standards include: 1910.261(k)(11), 1910.262(c)(9), 1910.23(c)(3), 1910.147 & 1910.132(a), Section 5(a)(1) of the OSHA act

Energy Savings:

Consider the impact of 300 steam traps, or the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars of wasted energy each year! It’s not difficult to see the financial impact of an insulation solution from a problematic device that frequently requires access for survey inspection and repair. But what if you could capture the savings and still have proper access? What if the losses, can turn into savings? What if the treatment also addressed risk mitigation, protecting your workers? With industry emphasizing sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, solving this problem is simply a responsible decision.

Heat Shield Solution:

Shannon Global Energy Solutions is an insulation solutions provider that attacks a problematic surface condition, difficult to treat with traditional insulation, and addresses that problem with the Shannon Heat Shield—thin-wall, reusable insulation. Steam traps come in all shapes and sizes; they also vary in steam pressure and temperature. But the application is not a lost cause. These steam trap insulation enclosures are CAD-designed and CNC-produced to match and fit any steam trap. With a hook & loop Velcro® fastener, Shannon Heat Shield Insulation is cost-effective, durable and highly effective at saving energy.

Steam Trap Surveys:

If you have an existing steam trap survey, please forward it to our inside sales team. From that survey, we will compile measured performance, savings, and ROI along with a payback period. We can show you instant energy savings with an expectation of consistent, annual savings. The result is a radiant surface, protected by Shannon Heat Shield Insulation.

The result is compelling:  

Heat Shield Insulation – Shannon Global Energy Solutions



• Self-contained insulation system • Double sewn construction • Easy on & easy off • Ideal for outdoor use • ASTM/UL/ISO tested • CAD/CNC/ERP QA/QC approach • Non-Porous outer jacketing • Standardized designs for all models & makes • Compelling energy savings • Ideal for personnel protection. Save Energy

Mitigate Risk (Employee Burns)

Improve Trap Cycle Times (Improve Life Cycle Times on Your Investment)

Protect the Steam Trap from Outdoor Conditions

Gain Easy Access for Service, Inspection and Repair

Install Within Minutes

Standard Designs Available for Most Steam Traps